My name is Branko Furlanič and I am a professional photographer. Already at a young age, I developed the passion for photography, which in 1995 turned into my professional career. I am a very versatile photographer, and even though at the beginning of my career I was focused on wedding photography, I later began to photograph for several promotion purposes, such as web pages and documenting a wide variety of events.
Especially wedding photography is a very demanding type of photography. The wedding day is one of the most important moments in life. It is a union of two hearts, a vow of eternal love with unforgettable moments of romance. I have photographed more than 250 weddings. With all gained experiences and professionalism I make sure to capture the best moments of such important events.
I also photograph ceremonies such as Baptisms, Communions, and Confirmations.
Although, or precisely because, a photo of a relaxed, smiling and happy child is a very demanding photo technique, I am also happy to accept the challenge of family photography.

Always Ready for New Challenges

Wedding Photography 98
Advertising Photography 93
Business Photography 88
Family Photography 84